Welcome to the Chubb Assistance website, a value-added benefit available exclusively to Chubb policyholders with business or personal travel insurance. The site has been designed to provide customers with useful information before, during and after travel.

In partnership with medical assistance experts CEGA, customers can enjoy a comprehensive range of complimentary medical assistance services and have access to online security travel intelligence, including country guides providing information on over 185 countries.

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Travel security website: The travel security website offers up-to-the-minute security information on over 230 countries and territories worldwide. Our country and city guides include information on security risks, kidnap for ransom, political and economical conditions, travel logistics, and cultural pointers.
Daily News: Subscribe to email reports sent each weekday, covering political instability, civil unrest, disease outbreaks, crime patterns and terrorism news from around the world.
2014 Threat Forecast: The 2014 Threat Forecast outlines and explains 15 key political and security risks that we believe will impact the global environment over the next 12 months.